What is the role of the nurse with young mothers?

Answer Answer Support, information resource, teaching and training.

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How do young mothers play the role of mother and father?

Answer You can't. You must play the role of PARENT. Traditional roles of the female and the male parents don't apply these days, so one must be everything!! I have found that the best way to do t... Read More »

Does the mothers age play a role in premature birth?

Young, teenage mothers are at a higher risk for having premature infants.

Can young mothers have abortions?

Answeryes you can be any age to have a abortion and trust me it ain't the best idea of worst the best idea is to wear a comdom of even better go on some form of contersetion

13 too young mothers advice!! and others?

well i am 13 too and i started wearing makeup in 5th grade. i started out with just a little bit of mascara. then when u are ready use a little bit of blush. then add some eyeshadow (your mom can h... Read More »