What is the role of taxes?

Answer The role of taxes is to provide revenue that the government can use to provide services. As most individuals are not capable of providing national defense, for example, a common pool is created to ... Read More »

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What is the role of taxes and taxation?

Taxes produce revenues that pay for everyday vital government services, from running local schools, to paving roads, to providing public water supplies, along with big national programs such as def... Read More »

How does role of department of homeland security differ from traditional role of the military?

What is the difference between payroll taxes&income taxes?

Payroll taxes and income taxes are two sources of revenue for the government. Payroll taxes are also known as FICA taxes.FunctionPayroll taxes only apply to earned income such as wages, salaries an... Read More »

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I believe they are. Super heros are constant reminders of right doing and justice.....great human traits that few have! In a more realistic point of view.....a good role model is someone that lea... Read More »