What is the role of parents in every child's life?

Answer Parents are our best teachers . do you agree or disagree?When a baby comes to this world, the first men they meet are his/her parents. They teach him how to walk, how to eat, provide their loves an... Read More »

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Would you be happy for your childs life turned out to be like yours?

I would want her to be as responsible and straight talking as me but wouldn't want her to make the same mistakes that I did.I hope that she has a fantastic social life, full of friends and parties ... Read More »

If you were against drug testing on animals would you refuse it to save your childs life if the only cure?

Yes I would approve it, in much the same way as I eat animals to live. If its necessary and not done with cruelty or for any sporting or perverted pleasureable feeling, then yes - reluctantly.

Importance of Parents As Role Models?

When parents teach both by word and example how a child should live his or her life, society benefits. As the child becomes an adult, he or she will carry out the lessons instilled by the parents. ... Read More »

Role of Parents in the Learning of Their Children?

Parents are their children's first teachers; even as infants, children begin to recognize the patterns of language from hearing their parents speak to them. As preschoolers, kids look to their pare... Read More »