What is the role of mhc in t cell activity?

Answer Major histocompatibility (MHC) molecules help T-cells recognize their antigen, according to Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIU). This recognition prompts T-cell activation and the release... Read More »

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How do I monitor cell phone activity?

Monitoring Cell Phone Activity on the WebRegister on your cell phone carrier's website. During the process, you will create a user name and password that can be used to log on and review your cell ... Read More »

Can my cell phone detect paranormal activity?

No it can't and anyone who suggests it can knows not what they are talking about. We live in a world crammed with electrical signals from many many sources operating on multiple frequencies ... mos... Read More »

What is the role of cholesterol in a cell membrane?

Cholesterol helps to form the membranes surrounding the cells in your body, thereby preserving and maintaining proper cell function. Cholesterol keeps the membranes fluid and helps determine what m... Read More »

Role of Minerals in Cell Processes?

Elements such as copper, iron and molybdenum, along with many other minerals, are essential to cell processes within the human body. They may only be present in the diet in small or "trace" quantit... Read More »