What is the role of corporate communication?

Answer As globalization of the economy increases, the role of corporate communication has become increasingly important in marketing a company's image, service and products.Role of Corporate Communication... Read More »

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The Objectives of Corporate Communication?

If money is the life blood of business, communication is the nervous system. Communication between colleagues, through command channels and with the public, are key to getting things done in a corp... Read More »

Internal Corporate Communication?

While most companies put long hours and lots of thought into the development of external communications with the public and their share holders, according to the Performance Management and Appraisa... Read More »

Corporate Crisis Communication?

In an era of bailouts and corporate scandal, a company's ability to effectively manage its image and reputation in the midst of a crisis has become synonymous with success. Corporate crisis communi... Read More »

How to Improve Corporate Communication?

Communication in the workplace is one of the keys to a successful company. Employees need to be aware of the company vision and hear from leadership that they matter to the bottom line. Unfortunat... Read More »