What is the role of a teacher assistant?

Answer Teaching is a time-consuming and challenging profession that brings with it many responsibilities. It is an assistant's role to support the classroom instructor by taking on some of the workload an... Read More »

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Can a teacher assistant be in a classroom without a teacher?

Teacher assistants can spend time in the classroom without the supervising teacher present. There are times when the supervising teacher should be in the class to observe both the assistant and the... Read More »

The Role of an Assistant Coach?

Much like a general manager in business needs a team of supervisors to help carry out his plans, a head coach in sports needs a team of competent and trustworthy assistant coaches. The assistant co... Read More »

What is the job role of a nursery assistant?

It is a glorified teacher! I am a nursery assistant and find the constant paper work, parents nights, assessments, knowledge of every aspect of the curriculum is hard going. I just wanted to play... Read More »

What is the role of a nursery nurse assistant?

Im a deputy manager of a nursery and the nursery assistants where i work do exactly the same job role as a nursery nurse, we are all treated as equals. although as an apprentice you wouldnt be requ... Read More »