What is the role of a senior pastor?

Answer When more than one pastor serves the same congregation, one of them is called the senior pastor. Some senior pastor duties are different than the duties of the other pastors.IdentificationThe senio... Read More »

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Can a woman be a senior pastor?

A woman can be a senior pastor. The percentage of female senior Protestant pastors in the U.S. has doubled from five percent in the 1990s to 10 percent in 2009. According to a survey by the Barna G... Read More »

What is the job description of a senior pastor?

The responsibilities of a senior pastor varies among denominations, and, even within denominations, is in accordance with the needs of individual congregations. Certain duties, however, typically c... Read More »

Role Duties of a Pastor?

In biblical times, a shepherd carefully tended to the flock of sheep in his care, providing for the sheep's needs and guarding them from dangers. The role a pastor or the leader of a local gatherin... Read More »

Are there any cited court judgments involving a junior ranking officer in a senior appointment giving an order to a senior officer in rank. What was the details of this case?

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