What is the role of a parent?

Answer AnswerThis is the role of a parent:To make a commitment for the rest of your life to your child(ren). To protect them for as long as they need it. Be there for them through good and bad. Love them,... Read More »

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How do you percive your role as a parent in the education of your child?

Well for me, it's like i'm going to school all over again. Kinda like reliving my childhood. My daughter is 5 and I love when she brings home her homework folder. We sit down and discuss each it... Read More »

What do the parent's perceive as their role in relation to the day care worker?

The egg makers, The egg creaters, And the egg conscrutcers

Does verbal abuse play a big role in building a case against a parent or guardian in an emancipation hearing in Wisconsin at sixteen?

I'm a 16 year old and i really need the answer to this question, so someone plese help answer

In the state of Ohio does a child have to live with a parent 50 percent of the time in order for that parent to be considered a Residential Parent?

Answer I live in Ohio and I do believe the child in question must live with the parent MORE than 50% of the year for that particular parent to be "the Residential Parent". In my case, it was descr... Read More »