What is the role of a hospice nurse?

Answer Hospice care is a form of health care given to terminally ill patients, frequently in their own homes. The role of the hospice nurse takes many forms, including care of the ill individual.CareThe h... Read More »

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What do you need to become a hospice nurse?

Hospice nurses perform palliative care to terminally ill patients. Understanding that their patients are going to die, the main goal of care becomes to lessen the pain rather than work toward a cur... Read More »

Hospice Nurse Gifts?

If you benefit from the care of a hospice nurse---or one of your family members is the care of a hospice nurse---then you may want to give her a special gift that will communicate how thankful you ... Read More »

Hospice Nurse and heroic measures?

That's insane! I used to be a CNA and I was even told to do whatever I could for any person I saw choking! I have attempted twice to save someone from choking, but I had to call in help because I... Read More »

Nurse Role Vs. LPN Role?

A nurse assists and treats patients. However, specific nursing roles differ by title, education, and licensure requirements. A registered nurse (RN) performs more direct patient care. A licensed pr... Read More »