What is the role of a facilitator as opposed to an instructor in the online classroom?

Answer Facilitators are instructors or professors who guide a student-focused learning environment in an online classroom. The role of an instructor in a traditional classroom is based on providing knowle... Read More »

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What is the role of a facilitator in an online classroom?

In an online classroom, facilitators often work as instructors or guides through the class. They control the online classroom during discussions and ensure that students are able to get all the nec... Read More »

Classroom Role Play Activities?

Role play helps students develop their understanding in many different areas. It can be used to develop social and emotional skills, to build understanding in the language arts and history and can ... Read More »

Role Playing Ideas in the Classroom?

Role-playing allows for topic exploration and entertainment, making learning fun for children. Role-playing requires students to implement acting skills to convey a topic or to apply knowledge of a... Read More »

Role Play Ideas for the Classroom?

Role playing games teach children a number of lessons, including how to work with people from different backgrounds and how to solve a problem. Incorporating role playing games into the classroom g... Read More »