What is the role of a district manager?

Answer District managers oversee a company's operations on a regional scale. They are in charge of several branches, or a district, of the company, monitoring such things as production, profitability and ... Read More »

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What does a district manager at Bath and Body Works make?

According to, a district sales manager for Bath and Body Works averages $78,000 per year, as of April 2010. Compare that to a salary of $42,652 for a retail store manager and $34,055 f... Read More »

Definition of District Manager?

Every company needs a power structure. Within that structure is a tiered management division that may include assistant managers, co-managers, managers and regional or district managers. District m... Read More »

How to Become a District Manager?

Becoming a district manager (DM) is not an easy task. District manager positions hold a lot of responsibility and are stressful. A district manager's job is to manage lower management and to overse... Read More »

District Manager Careers?

District managers usually oversee the jobs of sales, retail and restaurant managers. Most district managers work from a corporate or home and report to a regional or zone manager. At times, the dis... Read More »