What is the role of a captain in a netball team?

Answer The role of a captain is to make sure that everyone is fit and healthy for the game and is all prepared. The captain is to do the toss with the opposition captain, report the result back to the ump... Read More »

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Who is the captain of the England netball team?

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How to Make Substitutions and Team Changes in Netball?

The act of making substitutions or team changes is commonplace during a game of netball and if you're a player, coach, or umpire, it is important to understand the reasons for why this happens and ... Read More »

How to Be an Effective Team Captain for a Youth Soccer Team?

The role of team captain has the potential to be both the most challenging and the most rewarding role of all for a player. If you're about to appoint a captain for your youth soccer team, consider... Read More »

How to Become Captain of Drill Team?

You have to admit you at least dreamed of being on a drill team. Flawless and perfect they high kick the way into the crowd's hearts at halftime of football games. Smile and be ready for some hard ... Read More »