What is the role of a DBA?

Answer If you are thinking of starting a business, you need to have a name for that business. If you are not naming the business after yourself, then there are some formalities you must follow in order to... Read More »

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How does role of department of homeland security differ from traditional role of the military?

Are superheroes good role model for children What are the characteristics of a good role model?

I believe they are. Super heros are constant reminders of right doing and justice.....great human traits that few have! In a more realistic point of view.....a good role model is someone that lea... Read More »

Role Overload Vs. Role Conflict?

The life of western Europeans, as well as Americans, is highly segmented. People play roles, and each role comes with responsibilities, expectations and rights. Often, these roles become too much f... Read More »

Active Role Vs. Proactive Role?

Whether you are looking to get ahead in the business world or trying to turn around other aspects of your life, taking an active or proactive role can help you achieve your goals. By not living in ... Read More »