What is the ring cake they eat on Fat Tuesday?

Answer A king cake is a ring-shaped cake eaten before Mardi Gras, or "Fat Tuesday." The dough may be like a brioche or similar to cinnamon roll dough.TimingKing cake was originally meant for Twelfth Night... Read More »

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Why do cake shows like cake boss claim they make cakes when they use 50% fondant?

If you think Cake Boss uses a lot of fondant, try watching Ace of Cakes with Duff Goldman on the Food Network sometime. I don't really know why they use so much fondant, but my opinion is well, jus... Read More »

How to Bake a Ring Into a Cake or Other Food?

Ever wondered how people manage to bake those expensive engagement rings into those tiny little desserts that you see all the time in the movies? The ever popular King Cakes of Mardi Gras are baked... Read More »

Why do they put a ring in a pig's nose?

A nose ring in any animal may look like a sadistic torture device but in reality it is for the good of the owner as well as the health of the pig.OmnivoresLike humans, pigs are omnivores. They eat... Read More »

Crumb cake Banana Cake Or Carrot Cake Which from this list do you like better?

carrotake ((((Scooter)))) Dream as if you'll live forever.. live as if you'll die today.