What is the rim bolt size of a Toyota truck?

Answer Rim bolt sizes for Toyota trucks are: 1980 to 1995 2WD, 5X114.3; 1986 to 1995 4WD, 6X139.7; Tacoma 1995 to 1997 2WD, 5X114.3; 4WD, 6X139.7; Tundra 1999 to present, 6X139.7.Source:Discount Wheel War... Read More »

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How do I Fix a Stripped Head Bolt on a 22RE Toyota?

The 22-RE is a standard stock engine manufactured by Toyota. The 22-RE engine is a continuation of the R-series family of engines that Toyota first began making in the late 1950s. The 22-RE is the ... Read More »

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What size hole must i drill to tap for a 3/8 16 bolt?

The diameter and thread count of a hole determines the size of the hole drilled for tapping. The correct drill size to tap a 3/8-16 interior thread is a 5/16 inch diameter drill bit.Source:Harvard ... Read More »