What is the right age for pregnancy?

Answer The right age is whenever you are married and have a stable life. That said, the younger you are, the easier it will be physically. Your body will recover faster and you will have more energy to ca... Read More »

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Are stomach pains right after unprotected sex a symptom of pregnancy?

Answer No.Stomach pains after sex does not indicate pregnancy - one way or the other. It is impossible to tell this early.

Did you have a pregnancy scare right after you had your baby?

It wasn't a scare.Meet John and Sean-only 10 months apart:…Oh and I'll throw my oldest in there just for the heck of it.. Read More »

Can pregnancy symptoms start right before your next period?

Is cramping on the left and right side a week before AF a sign of pregnancy?

Answer I had that, and it did not go away, I was pregnant. Your temp would be up a bit as well, if you are normally 36.5, you may find yourself at 36.9 - 37.5 and it will be up most of the time, it... Read More »