What is the responsibility of a line cook?

Answer A line cook is found in the kitchens of restaurants, cafeterias, hotels and other facilities that prepare and serve food on a daily basis. Focusing on one specific item or station, such as the gril... Read More »

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What is it like to be a line cook?

Really Really tough and hard work for the first few weeks especially. I worked as a commis chef for only six months (i work in computers) I was rotated from salad prep , to food prep, to washing al... Read More »

What is a line cook?

Line cooks are the workhorses of the professional kitchen. Lower in status than the sous-chef, but higher than a kitchen aide or dishwasher, the line cook performs much of the basic food preparatio... Read More »

The Basics on Becoming a Line Cook?

Line cooks are typically in the middle of the kitchen hierarchy, below the sous chef and above the prep cook. Line cooks must show proficiency in a variety of cooking methods, adhere to stringent h... Read More »

What is the average pay for a line cook?

A line cook with less than a year of experience averages $8.15 to $9.88 an hour, according to, as of April 2010. Line cooks with one to four years' experience earn $8.74 to $11.15 an h... Read More »