How to Be a Renaissance Man?

Answer Being a renaissance man involves having a wide variety of interests and being very intellectual and well-rounded. Historically to be a renaissance man was to be a perfect gentleman so it is a skill... Read More »

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Renaissance Projects?

Imagine living during the time when Columbus discovered the New World, Shakespeare wrote his world-renowned plays and artists like da Vinci, Botticelli and Michelangelo created their masterpieces. ... Read More »

What does renaissance mean in Italian?

Renaissance means "rebirth" in Italian. French historian Jules Michelet was the first to use the word to describe the cultural rebirth that swept Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries, accordin... Read More »

What does the Harlem Renaissance mean?

The "Harlem Renaissance" refers to the time period between 1918 and 1937 when cultural transformation and intellectual growth occurred within the African-American community of Harlem, New York. Its... Read More »

How to Be a Renaissance Person?

Leonardo da Vinci was a very famous Renaissance PersonIf you are called a renaissance man or woman, it is a great compliment. A renaissance person, also known as a "polymath", refers to a person wi... Read More »