What is the Hollywood Renaissance?

Answer The Hollywood Renaissance is a luxury hotel and spa resort located in the Hollywood and Highland retail and entertainment complex. It features a mid-century, modern design and a view of the Los Ang... Read More »

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What Was Renaissance Clothing Made Of?

Clothing in the Renaissance was made from natural fiber, with expensive silk, brocade, cotton and velvet being the fabric of choice for the extravagant, finely-made attire of the upper class. Most ... Read More »

What is the meaning of Renaissance clothing?

Renaissance clothing refers to the fashion of people living during the Renaissance era, which took place in the 15th century. Men typically wore tight-fitting clothes and short clothing on their up... Read More »

What year did the harlem renaissance start?

The Harlem Renaissance began in the years immediately after the end of the first World War in 1918. The renaissance occurred when blacks from economically depressed areas in the South moved to nort... Read More »

What year did the Renaissance period start?

The Renaissance period began in 1341, the year Francesco Petrarch accepted Rome's offer to make him poet laureate. It was in this speech that Petrarch mentions a rebirth of classical wisdom and tra... Read More »