How to find the relative minor key?

Answer To find the relative minor of any major key, start with the name of major key and count to the sixth note of that scale. For instance, from the key of G major:1 2 3 4 5 6G A B C D E. T... Read More »

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Can I get a minor without a major degree?

You cannot get a minor without a major degree. Minors are optional and designed to supplement a major. Choosing a minor is beneficial for those choosing careers where the major degree doesn't touch... Read More »

Difference Between a Major & Minor Tune Up?

A lot of confusion exists about the difference between a minor and major tuneup, what it entails and what types of parts are included with each. In short, a minor tuneup is usually needed around ev... Read More »

What major and minor in college should you take if you want to join the CIA?

No, you have to have a college degree, military background as well as determination. You can only pretend big guy

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