What is the relationship between vaccination and immunity?

Answer You get immunity by having a vaccination or by having the infection itself. The vaccination is the introduction of the pathogen in tiny amounts to kick start your immune system so it knows how to ... Read More »

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What is the difference between immunity an vaccination?

If you're immune to something, your system is resistant to it. However, if you're vaccinated, you're not immediately immune, and in fact, it may not help you at all. When you're vaccinated, you're ... Read More »

What type of immunity occurs when receiving the mmr vaccination?

When you are inoculated for MMR, your body develops antibodies to Measles, Mumps and Rubella. The antibodies help you resist those diseases.

Why does immunity often result after an infection or vaccination?

The vaccination is a small amount of virus. Itsenough for your body to adopt and build new type of cells that can kill virus injected. Some times vaccination may be unnecessary if you had been sick... Read More »

When a person receives a flu vaccination does he develop active or passive immunity?

Active.Foreign microbes, or parts of microbes, are introduced to the body and the immune system reacts and produces antibodies. The antibodies were made in reaction to a foreign body introduced int... Read More »