What is the relationship between 2 people when they share the same great great grandparents?

Answer Two people who share the same great great grandparents are third cousins. To find a cousin relationship, find the common ancestor. If common ancestor is grandparents, they are 1st cousins. If co... Read More »

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What is the relationship of two people when ones great grandmother is the others great great aunt?

If the great grandmother of one person was the great great aunt of another, the two are third cousins to each other.

What is the relationship between 2 people when one's great grandmother is the other's great aunt?

When one person's great grandmother is the another person's great aunt, the relationship between the two people is that of second cousins, once removed.

What is relationship between two people when great great grandmother is the same?

Two people who have the same great great grandmother may be: siblings (brothers or sisters)first cousinssecond cousinsthird cousins

What relationship is your great grandfather's great great great granddaughter to you?

The great great great granddaughter of your great grandfather could have any of the following relationships to you. She could be your: granddaughtergreat niecefirst cousin, twice removedsecond cous... Read More »