Is it possible to just "buy" a phone number with voice-mail and no phone or land line?

Answer yes, with and its free!! you also can use the call-forward feature!!the VM is fantastic....

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PHONE TECH: What do i dial to get the phone number of the line I am using?

if the service is new, it will take 24-48 hours to get the number into the data-base and be call you phone-provider, or call the operator...411 and ask what to do!

Can I get a new phone number without buying another phone line?

you can get a virtual phone or one of the best is from GrandCentral.com

My mom wants to know how much would it be too add another line but with a new number but without a new phone?

She should ask her telephone service provider for the most accurate answer.

What is the phone number for direct tv international line?