What is the regulation shuffleboard table size?

Answer The current standard regulation for a shuffleboard table is 22 feet. Home shuffleboard tables range in length from 9 feet to 14 feet to accommodate rec rooms or finished basements, but for tourname... Read More »

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What is the regulation pool table size?

Pool tables come in a variety of sizes, however, regulation-size tables, used in professional competitions, must be 4½ feet by 9 feet. More casual use tables range from 3½ feet by 7 feet to 4¼ f... Read More »

What is the regulation size for a billiard table?

According to the website Billiards, a regulation size billiard table measures 4.5 feet wide and 9 feet long. The length of the room should span the length of the pool table plus twice the length of... Read More »

How big is a regulation size pool table?

Pool tables are available in several smaller sizes for home use, but the size required for professional or tournament play is 4.5 feet wide by 9 feet long, and the players use standard two-piece cu... Read More »

How big is a regulation size Ping-Pong table?

The dimensions set by the International Table Tennis Federation state that a table stands 2.49 feet from the floor. The playing surface must be a rectangle measuring 8.98 feet long by 5 feet wideSo... Read More »