What is the reflection from the Movie The Day After Tomorrow?

Answer The main storyline is about a fathers journey to find his son while global warming and all the major changes to the planet is occurring. The father and mother of the son are separated, living in di... Read More »

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How to Write a Reflection?

Writing a reflection combines two types of information. Reflection papers may objectively summarize outside content, such as a book or movie, and they often take the form of journaling assignments ... Read More »

How to Accept Your Reflection?

Do you have a fear of looking in mirrors? Maybe it's a rational and/or an irrational fear of your reflection, not the mirror itself.

Why can't a baby see it's reflection?

All babies are born without souls. Not until the age of 3 does the magic Stork Gorgonzola come down from the sky and brings the Fig of Knowledge. Just like a Vampire has no soul and can't see his r... Read More »

How come I can't see my reflection in mirrors I see on TV?