What is the red liquid inside a thermometer?

Answer Traditionally, thermometers contained a gray liquid known as mercury. Once discovered as dangerous, mercury was no longer used. Modern thermometers contain a mixture of red dye and either ethanol a... Read More »

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Is the liquid in a Galileo thermometer toxic?

Whether the liquid in a Galileo thermometer is toxic depends on who manufactured it. Some companies use a mixture of petroleum distillates and paraffin, which is toxic as well as combustible. Other... Read More »

What is the sweet liquid formed inside flowers?

What does the liquid inside of a lava lamp consist of?

Answer It is usually wax that melts as the lamp is turned on. When it is heated, it then begins to float around with the convection current created by the heat-generating lamp, thus creating the ... Read More »

Are hazenuts supposed to have water/liquid inside of them?

Dampness can't get into a dried nut :)I have had that happen a lot of times; It's just hazelnut oil - which is actually good for you!