What is the recovery time for a mastectomy?

Answer Recovering from a mastectomy will take someone between two and ten days, with one to seven of those being in the hospital. Recovery depends on the patient's own body, and it also depends on the typ... Read More »

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Recovery time. ankle reconstruction?

i had ankle reconstruction on Dec. 29th, 2005 and I thought it was going to ruin my life. It was right after christmas and right before new year's, and right in the middle of my senior year of high... Read More »

What is the recovery time for gastric surgery?

After gastric bypass surgery, patient are on a liquid diet for a week; and for two weeks, a pureed diet. After that, patients can have solid food. As soon as the IV is removed, patients can shower.... Read More »

Wisdom teeth recovery time?

I got all for done at once. Was able to eat fairly normally after a day (food got stuck in holes) i also smoked after my novicane wore off and they healed just fine. Don't take too deep of drags an... Read More »

What is the recovery time for corneal edema?

Corneal edema is described as the swelling of the cornea; it commonly occurs after trauma, infection or eye surgery. Eye solutions may be used to treat the symptoms of corneal edema for up to 72 ho... Read More »