What is the recovery time after retinal detachment surgery?

Answer There are three different surgical procedures that may be used to reattach a retina. A scleral buckling surgery is the most common while the pneumatic retinopexy is the least complicated procedure.... Read More »

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How likely is a retinal tear/detachment. PLEASE help me.?

If your only risk is that you are -6.00, it is not much of a risk.

Would the look of smoke in front of your eye be a sign of retinal detachment?

Where there's smoke,there's fire.Get a smoke alarm...

Is there a stem cell treatment for retinal detachment?

No. Your doctor was either referring to things we hope will be developed in the future or your doctor is stunningly misinformed.

Any hope for blindness from retinal detachment caused by poorly controlled diabetes mellitus?

sorry, I'm sure you don't want to hear this but from the people i know that had that, there was no hope to regain their vision, i am so sorry for you, this is in Canada, some other countries are mo... Read More »