Was it ever a white castle in houston tx?

Answer There was a Krystal burger a few years ago on 1960 near 45N. Closed in 2011 and I dont think it had been here very long.

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What is the pre-cooked weight of a White Castle hamburger patty?

.70 ouncesActually, it is 2 ounces.I am suspicious of the 2-ounce figure. The entire weight of the hamburger, cooked and including the bun, according to White Castle, is 58 grams, or about 2 ounces... Read More »

I like White Castle but it makes me feel weird when I eat it. What's wrong with me?

However, if you think all oats are created equal, think again. There are definitely some oats which should not grace your breakfast table. Ever.What Are Oats?GroatsIf we are to understand how to ma... Read More »

Is there a White Castle fast food place in Vegas ?

None here. Two options. They sell the burgers in most of the major grocery stores and you can do a reheat at homeAnd some of the work places have 2 packs in the snack machines. One of my employers ... Read More »

Can the tubers of the white butterfly ginger be eaten?

The tubers of white butterfly ginger, native to the Himalayas and southern China, are not edible, but the flower buds of the plant are. They can be used like a vegetable, such as being tossed in a ... Read More »