What is the world record for most pregnancies by one woman?

Answer I'm not sure if this would be the highest, but my neighbor has had 48 pregnancies. Unfortunately, only 41 of them have been carried to completion.

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Is it at all normal for a woman to finish intercourse in complete and total silence?

What can be done about teen pregnancies?

well teens have 3 opions abortion (which btw I'm against)have it and give it up for adoptionhave it, keep it and look after it (eg be a mum)

How many teenage pregnancies are there in the UK?

In 2006 in England there was 39, 003 women between 15-17 that were pregnant, excluding miscarriages and illegal abortion. 48% of which had legal abortion (via a hospital/doctor).Source: Office for ... Read More »

Why does your veins show more during pregnancies?

because you have more blood going through you and its pumping faster to get to baby.