About Body Piercings?

Answer Although they have been around for thousands of years, body piercings seem to have taken on a more recent (and more prevalent) popularity. With people toy with piercings in nearly every conceivable... Read More »

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How to Care for New Body Piercings?

Post-piercing care is a must to ensure proper healing. In addition to the aftercare list provided by your piercer, consider the following useful alternatives. Does this Spark an i... Read More »

Different Body Piercings for Women?

Like tattoos, body piercing continues to be a popular method of body modification. The piercing subculture extends far and wide, crossing societal and gender divisions alike. For women, certain pop... Read More »

Can nutritionists have body piercings?

Yes. If you work in a clinical setting, however, be mindful of your employer's dress code, if there is one. As a general rule, remove any excessive facial piercings and cover or remove any visible ... Read More »

Do you have tattooes and body piercings How many Where Why do you have them.?

i have 4 tats, one on my arm, foot, ankle, and back of shoulder, and for peircings i have my ears done up quite a bit, nose, and nips and i use to have ym eyebrow and belly button done. why? becau... Read More »