What is the recipe of moong dal khichari in typical gujrati style?

Answer I got this directly from It's one of my favorite sites. I Love This!!MOONG DAL KHICHDIIngredients1 cup yellow lentils, washed,soaked in clean fresh water and drained (yellow moong d... Read More »

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What is a typical English food, dish, or recipe?

Curry is a big one! Chips and Curry (yellow usually). There is a large India Influence there. Roasted. Lamb, Beef, Potatoes. Cornish Pasties-YUM!!!Bubble a... Read More »

What is the typical overhang measurement on the eaves of a Prairie style home?

Three foot overhangs are typical for prairie style houses. Some good examples including Frank Lloyd Wright designs may be found at the link below.

Recipe for Japanese style fish?

Ingredients• 2 white fish fillet (tilapia)• few thin cut gingerSpices • 2 tbsp soy sauce• 2 tbsp sake• 2 tbsp mirin • 1 tbsp sugar• 1/3 cup waterPreparation1. Mix water and all spices... Read More »

Best recipe for restaurant style tortilla chips?

Homemade Corn Tortilla ChipsIngredients8 corn tortillas ( assuming they're the small ones that have about a 6-inch diameter)1/4 cup olive oil ( Corn oil works great, so does canola oil. This is an ... Read More »