What is the best recipe for Lasagna?

Answer Honestly, one of the best I've found is actually on the box of Ronzoni Lasagne noodles. Both my sister and I cook it and it's just perfect, everybody loves it. the one I'm talking about is an eas... Read More »

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Does anyone know of a really good homemade lasagna recipe?

Serves 4Ingredients2 tbsp olive oil½ large onion, peeled1 large carrot, peeled2 cloves garlic, peeled2 pinches dried oregano300g minced beef1 tbsp tomato purée1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce1 bay lea... Read More »

Do you have to boil lasagna noodles before making lasagna?

Dried lasagna noodles soften without precooking if the sauce contains enough moisture. However, boiling lasagna noodles before assembling the lasagna removes some of the pasta's starch, ensuring th... Read More »

How long should I be cooking my lasagna in a glass lasagna dish?

I probably cook it about that much, but I don't use foil. I bake it 25 min at 375, then lower the temperature to 325 and bake for a further 15-25 minutes (or until brown, hot through, and sufficie... Read More »

What is a lasagna pan?

Baking pans designated to cook lasagna, a popular Italian dish of layered noodles, cheese and tomato sauce, can be referred to as lasagna pans. Ideal lasagna pans accommodate lasagna's size and mas... Read More »