What is the recipe for a traditional dish made during Diwali in your state?

Answer Hi,I am from TamilNadu.In my state the Rawa ladoo is the sweet which is mandatory for every Diwali.Here goes the recipe...INGREDIENTS -2 cups Semolina (rawa) -1/2 cup Powdered Sugar -1 cup Ghee -1 ... Read More »

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What is your grooming practice during Diwali?

Take an Early Bath. Give yourself a nice Body Cleansing. Apply Essential Oils from KHADI or FAB INDIA to give you that extra Glow. Or you can go for a Body SPA from ... Read More »

To all nationalities,what is the traditional dish of your country?

It's called ARROZ CON GANDULES, LECHON ASADO, PASTELES and COQUITO. I'll translate. This is in Puerto Rico.Rice with peas, lechon is broiled pig, pasteles is a food made of plaintain with chicken a... Read More »

I need a recipe for Abolo. An African side dish made of corn dough and steamed in Banana leaves.?

Just google a recipe for it. I'm sure you'll find one.

How can we decorate our houses during Diwali to make it look festive, colourful, and bright?

Most people get new curtains and sofa covers etc. , so that could bring a 'new look' for the new year.Put a beautiful & colourful rangoli in front of your main door. Put out decorative lamps \ diya... Read More »