What is the receipe of Lemon Tea?

Answer Recipe of Lemon tea -Ingredients:• 2 Cups water • 1 tsp Tea powder • 1/2 Cup lemon juice • Sugar to tasteHow to make Lemon Tea:• Put water on heat • Add tea powder and lemon juice. â€... Read More »

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If you have a receipe calling for 200 Celsius what do you set your oven to as ovens are not 392 farhrenheit range?

The formula you are looking for is W = I x E. Watts = Amps x Volts. However, just because your 240 volt outlet is rated at 18 amps does not mean that is what your appliance will draw. If the appl... Read More »

Straight forward and quick pancake receipe?

1 egg3/4 cup milk1 cup flour1 tsp baking powder2 tbsp melted butter1 tsp vanilla(opt)1/4 tsp sugarMix all ingredients and spoon batter into a non-stick fry pan that has 1 tbsp oil added for frying.... Read More »

I am looking for an ancient Keltic Druid Christmas soup receipe?

Just get some KFC, and you'll be fine...(with the mashed potatos and gravy, of course...)And by the way...Sometimes they prescribe downers to take you down from the prescription speed you're on....... Read More »

Why do they call Deviled eggs, DEVILED EGGS What is a simple receipe?

"Deviled" is in reference to the fiery spices (sometimes) added to make the egg stuffing. It's a word that goes back to the 18th century as a verb meaning to cook something with fiery hot spices or... Read More »