What is the reason for people to freeze suddenly?

Answer id say 15 or 16

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L have a Weller soldering iron it suddenly stopped working for no reason fuse is ok?

Does this have replaceable tips? If so, the tip may not be tightly fastened (they sometimes work loose); alternatively the tip may be burned out and need to be replaced.It is also possible that th... Read More »

Why does my computer suddenly freeze up and the curser will not move?

a virus/spyware/adware or not enought ram or disk space will not make your computer freeze to the point where cntl-alt-del doens't work. this is usually an issue with a device driver or a hardware ... Read More »

Hi, my laptop suddenly got stuck without any reason.Avast didnt find any virus. Do you have any clue why?

I have read all the answers and most were really good. There are a few things you can do to make things better. When you first turn your computer on, don't touch any buttons until everything has ... Read More »

Why do people's bodies suddenly jerk just before they fall asleep?

cool question, I found the answerThat Strange Falling SensationDo you ever wake up suddenly to a falling sensation and a strong muscle twitch just after you have fallen asleep? This strange falling... Read More »