What is the reason behind the order of keys on a keyboard?

Answer The QWERTY layout goes back to the invention of the typewriter. The first design was to lay the letters out in alphabetical order; however, this caused the machine to jam when typists typed quickl... Read More »

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Why are keyboard keys not in alphabetical order?

Good question - I found this online:The layout of the computer keyboard was borrowed from the typewriter because there had been millions of people using typewriter when the computer keyboard was de... Read More »

Why are the keys on a keyboard not in alphabetical order?

Actually, when the typewriter was first invented, they were in order. Typists typed so quickly, that the mechanical keys would jam when they were on the same side of each other, making typing impos... Read More »

Why are the keys on our keyboard not in alphabetical order!!?

There were just copied from old Typewriters.When a old typewriter was made the A to Z was changed as the hammers would get stuck. So making sure the letter on the right and left were not close stop... Read More »

Is there a reason for the letters on a PC keyboard being in the order that they are?

Yes. Read the link below (just the "History and purposes" section). It's quite fascinating that you can spell "typewriter" using just the top row. O_o