I'm wearing a white strapless dress with a navy and white polka dot belt. What colour heels should I wear?

Answer HiNavy or royal blue would go nicely with your dress (you have good dress sense) :-)Hope this helps have a nice day :-)Oh and gold jewellery goes well with white and blue :-)

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How to Wear White After Labor Day?

Have you ever heard the phrase "Never wear white after Labor Day?" Get ready to forget about it; defy the rules and become your own boss in the world of fashion.

Why can't we wear white after Labor day?

I believe the rule is no white shoes, not no white clothing. White shoes are summer attire, and it is tacky to wear them when summer is over.

I was outside all day today and my face is red. I was wearing sunglasses and I am white around my eyes.?

its because you didn't put on sunscreen dipshit

At work today, I am wearing a white shirt and I went to the bathroom?

Do you still need to go? I would just smear the rest of my white shirt with poop because it is really hard to get brown out of white. Good luck!