What is the reality about cannabis.?

Answer The tabbacco used to smoke it with is more addictive, however cannabis is linked with memory loss and anger. Most people who use heavily over years develop detachment from situations, it has been s... Read More »

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Can you use cannabis seeds to make cannabis goodies?

You could but it wouldn't give you the same effect.

Do reality shows show any reality at all?

Yes some do that's actually funny for a person to ask that i watch many many reality shows and yes they are true some. some are true.

Do reality shows have reality?

Most do, yes. But all are manipulated to create a more dramatic presentation for viewers. Every resulting episode needs multiple stories. The same principles of storytelling you learned (or should ... Read More »

What does a cannabis flower look like?

It looks like a bud with thick white hairs coming out around it. Try Google Images. :)