What is the real visibility after hair tranaplant?

Answer Its depends on treatment.

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What reason one of eye reducing visibility and also color visibility in the age of bellow 10 years?

Possibly, possibly not. If the mother has the Bubonic Plague, the baby will most likely have the Bubonic Plague. Though, if the mother does not have the Bubonic Plague, then the baby will not be bo... Read More »

What is a visibility meter measured in?

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How to Reduce Pore Visibility?

Many people, especially those with oil or acne-prone skin, complain about large, visible pores. Pores can become stretched from being clogged with dirt, oil and dead skin cells, causing them to str... Read More »

If I go bald and use Chia pet stuff on my hair, will it pass for real hair?

Maybe once it dies and turns brown then you will look like a brunette....