What is the real problem with Youtube and why don't they fix it once and for all?

Answer sorry i don't have any problems

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Does anyone have the link to the Youtube video showing. Palins face once they realized they lost the election?

I found a pic, dam it looks like she is trying to swallow a load, (her own!)…did you hear she had a speech prepared and McCain wouldn't let her read it , S... Read More »

How can i download youtube clips/// i dont have real player//?

you know what go on this link.... and follow them.....its really goood..... it works..... i have tried also.....go on this link.........…

If I apply real lemon juice to my face once in the morning and once at night, what are the benefits?

Well you will smell like lemons and that might attract some insects. Not sure if thats a benefit. You will smell good.

I installed xp ,gut dont have any decoders on my real player,eran't they supposed to be on the install disk?

You're missing the video codecs. They do not come with the Windows Disc. In fact, you might even be missing your system drivers.