What is the real name of Minzy in 2ne1?

Answer I believe her birth name is: Gong Minji

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How to Do the 2NE1 Lollipop Dance?

"Lollipop" is a hit pop song performed by South Korean group 2NE1. The name is pronounced "21" and is also meant to stand for "New Evolution of the 21st Century." The four-member girl group is a le... Read More »

How tall is dara from 2ne1?

How can I convince my parents to let me go to "2ne1 concert"?

Let them hear 2ne1 for themselves xDidk honestly I love them too.

If you had such strong braxton hicks contractions last night that you thought it was the real thing does that mean real labor is close?

Answer No, braxton hicks just help your uterus prepare but it does not mean you are close to delivery trust me I have been there too sweetie.