How to Test Blood to Make Sure Its Real?

Answer Have you ever watched CSI and seen them testing the blood with the swab? If you are wondering how they do it or want to do it yourself then this Wikihow is for you.

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If you are a demigod is camp half blood real?

Totally, In long Island, New York go inside of Wildwood and its right there

Can you dye period blood a different color?

It would be easier if you wore tinted glasses.You better get used to it; you're going to get your period for decades more.

What is the true color of our Blood?

In humans and other hemoglobin-using creatures, oxygenated blood is a bright red in color. Deoxygenated blood is a darker shade of red, which can be seen during blood donation and when venous blood... Read More »

Can the swine flu shot yield real high blood sugars the next day?

After I had the regular flu shot I didn't feel great that night and my numbers were a little high but nothing terrible. It was back to normal in about 24 hours.