What Kind of Reaction Is Photosynthesis?

Answer Photosynthesis is a series of chemical reactions inside plants, algea and bacteria, during which carbon dioxide is converted into sugar or glucose. The chemical reactions take place inside chloropl... Read More »

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Is photosynthesis an endothermic reaction?

Photosynthesis is an endothermic reaction that absorbs energy from the sun, to complete a series of chemical processes. The sunlight is captured by chloroplasts and used to convert water and carbon... Read More »

What type of chemical reaction is photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis, the process by which plants convert sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into energy and oxygen, is a endothermic chemical reaction. Endothermic chemical reactions require energy, suc... Read More »

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What is PQ, PC,& FD in photosynthesis?

Plastoquinone (PQ), plastocyanin (PC) and ferrodoxin (FQ) are molecules which carry the energized electrons in the light reaction of photosynthesis. These molecules provide an important link betwee... Read More »