How can i get rid of rats?

Answer Rats cause property damage and can possibly contaminate food and pass on disease to humans as well as family pets. They are stubborn rodents and can live in almost any environment. If you have noti... Read More »

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Does Applebees have rats?

Wow. Don't believe a movie such as Talladega Nights.

Can rats get rabies?

Almost any animal, wild or domestic, can become infected with rabies. However, the incidence of rabies among rodents (like mice, rats and squirrels) is extremely low. The Centers for Disease Contro... Read More »

How do I get rid of mice or rats?

Find ThemLocate mice and rats by finding their water source. Look for their droppings around plumbing fixtures, under and behind the refrigerator, dishwasher and clothes washer, and especially on o... Read More »

Can rats have allergies?

A red, runny nose and persistent scratching may be signs that your pet rat has an allergy--although mites are the more likely culprit. Food allergies are common in rats as they do not tolerate the ... Read More »