What Colors Do Rats See?

Answer Many people associate rats with disease and unsanitary conditions. This may be true for common rats running wild in the sewers, but other breeds have found their way into homes as beloved pets. To ... Read More »

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What are the functions of the liver in rats?

The rat's liver serves a variety of essential functions to maintain the health of the animal. The liver is the largest glandular organ in the rat. It produces essential enzymes for metabolizing nut... Read More »

What do you get for killing all the flying rats in GTA 4?

The reward for killing all 200 flying rats, otherwise known as pigeons, in "Grand Theft Auto IV" is the Annihilator helicopter. The pigeons are spread throughout the three main islands in the game.... Read More »

What Are the Signs of Pregnancy for Female Rats?

A female rat's pregnancy lasts between 21 and 23 days. Rats reach sexual maturity as early as five weeks of age and quickly develop regular fertility schedules, which makes breeding rats a predicta... Read More »

What kind of cage do pet rats need?

The American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association states that rats need a simple, size-appropriate domicile that can stand up to a rat's chewing and gnawing habits.TypesWire cages with solid flooring an... Read More »