What is the rate of ovarian cancer growth?

Answer There is no set rate of ovarian cancer growth. It will vary depending on how fast it spreads and the degree of malignancy. Some types, such as germ cell tumors, grow more quickly than others.Source... Read More »

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How likely am i to get ovarian cancer?

Highly unlikely. But you can have a test done. However since you have no symptoms I doubt your insurance company will pay for it.

Can men get ovarian cancer?

Can you get ovarian cancer at age 23?

Yes, You can. Unfortunately there are many other reasons for the symptoms you may be feeling besides ovarian cancer, so the only person to know is your gynecologist. I am sure he can put your mind ... Read More »

What is stage 3 ovarian cancer?

In order for cancer to be diagnosed and treated, it has to be staged. This process determines how severe the condition is, and accurate staging can often determine whether treatment will be success... Read More »