What is the rarest plant on earth?

Answer Encephalartos woodii is generally considered the rarest plant on Earth. It is a type of tree with long, dark leaves. Only one plant was ever found in the wild, and it was a male so it could not sex... Read More »

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Is marble an earth material?

Marble is considered an earthly material based on the fact that it consists of other earthly materials such as limestone, calcite and/or dolomite. According to Marble Flooring Guide, marble is form... Read More »

About what percent of the solar energy reaching the Earth's surface is stored as organic material?

Plants capture solar energy and converting it to organic material in the form of carbohydrates. These carbohydrates serve as a source of food for plants and animals alike. Plants capture only 1 per... Read More »

An electronic scanner is successful in detecting flaws in a material in 75% of the cases. Three material speci?

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