What is the rarest child deformity?

Answer Twenty out of fifty

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What does deformity mean in first aid?

Deformity, in a prehospital emergency context means any structural abnormalities of the body observed primarily through through sight and palpation. Auscultation may also be used to diagnose intern... Read More »

What is bilateral hallux valgus deformity?

Hallux valgus, or bunion deformity, is an alteration of the big toe (hallux) characterized by intrusion of the toe on the space normally occupied by the foot's other toes. When the condition occurs... Read More »

Aborting a fetus with an incurable, severe deformity. Yes or No?

Whether to abort in the case of anencephaly has to do with your ability to handle the disturbing disfiguration that you will observe after the birth. I have attended several deliveries with anencep... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between Drop Foot & Tibial Flat Foot Deformity?

Drop foot and tibial flat foot deformity are two conditions affecting the ability to walk with a normal gait. While tibial flat foot deformity is a distinct syndrome, drop foot appears as a symptom... Read More »