What is the rank in size of Nevada?

Answer Yeah, Definitely you should be able to qualify.Sorry about the autism man... that must be a hard condition to live with.I have ADHD and OCD tendencies, thank god I can speak to other people in an i... Read More »

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The Four Major Carbon Compounds in Rank by Size?

Carbon is one of the most abundant elements in nature. It is nonmetallic, and vital for life. It occurs in crystalline form, as in diamond and graphite, or a noncrystalline form, as in charcoal or ... Read More »

In Nevada boats of what size are required to carry a US Coast Guard approved Type IV throwable device with at least 30 feet of line attached?

What rank in the navy is equivalent to the rank of colonel in the air force?

Colonel is O6 in the USAF, USA, and USMC. In the Navy, 06 is Captain.

What rank the does the us army rank in the world?

In terms of spending, the US is at the top. The US has the highest government military spending in the world, at over 650 billion dollars a year. In terms of percentage of GDP, the US drops to 11t... Read More »