What is the range of a 5.8 GHz cordless phone?

Answer A 5.8 GHz cordless phone can remain operational, on average, from 300 feet to 2,000 feet (a little more than one-third of a mile) away from its charger base. How well the phone will function at the... Read More »

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What is the difference between a DECT cordless phone and a 5.8ghz cordless phone?

DECT 6.0 is a standard, rather than a frequency although one has to wonder if they just happened to choose 6.0 to start with just to trump 5.8GHz as they put the 6.0 in big numbers on the boxes and... Read More »

When talking on cordless phone my kids in room are heard in my earpiece do i have a bad phone or is it my line?

You need to see if you set different channels for your cordless phone.Wireless can cause distortion to electronic devices such as ear pieces or even other wireless devices.It has nothing at all to ... Read More »

Benefits of cordless phone over fixed phone?

As you say, the only real benefit of a cordless telephone is that you can wander about with it. The amount of electricity to charge the handsets is quite small and you won't notice a difference in... Read More »

How to use android phone as a cordless phone with wifi?

You'll probably get better and faster answers if you asked this question under the Cell Phones category rather than in the Land Phone category....