What did Pocahontas change her name to?

Answer In 1612, the English captured Pocahontas. Not long after, she met John Rolfe, who would become her husband two years later. After her marriage, Pocahontas adopted the English name "Rebecca" and too... Read More »

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What is the scientific name for raccoons?

The scientific name of the raccoon is Procyon lotor. The raccoon belongs to a family known as Procyonidae, which in North America includes the ringtail and the white-nosed coatimundi, according to ... Read More »

Her nick name is Pocahontas?

No, that was her Powhatan name she was born with. She just changed it twice.

I have a fig tree and every year the raccoons eat ALL the figs. How can I keep the raccoons off my figs?

I had the same problem with animals eating my figs. My dad built a cage around it(wood frame, plastic netting). It helped to some extent. But birds would manage to get in there and then are too ... Read More »

What tribe did Pocahontas belong to?

Pocahontas was a member of the Powhatans, one of the Algonquian tribes. Born around 1595, she was the daughter of Powhatan, chief of the Powhatan confederacy of tribes. Pocahontas died in Gravesend... Read More »